The Catch promise is simple: we only serve the highest quality 100% fresh fish.

Catching fresh fish is only part of our story, we dedicate as much effort to its preparation. If you love fish there is no what better place to visit than the home of fish and chips in Chiswick.

Since opening our doors, the Catch has earned its reputation for being the finest traditional fish n’ chips restaurant and take away in the west part of London.

Our chefs have a wealth of experience in maintaining the qualify of our food and our staff are well trained in providing a first class dining experience.

Our considered menu offers a wide range of battered and grilled fish. We were one of the first fish and chips restaurants to offer an egg matzo batter. 

But at Catch it’s not all about fish. We offer delicious gourmet chicken burgers and delightful salads. 

So keep an eye out on the shore, we are located in the heart of W4 on Chiswick High Road where you will catch us serving 100% natural fresh fish.